Welcome to the world of George (Neeto Lane) Brewer. My name is Seven and I knew GB for nearly 30 years, to the day. I intend to add to this page all the photos, writings, songs and stories I can find. When I first met him in 1977 it was as a friend and neighbor. It will take quite a while to tell the tale....
.1949 - 2006
George was a Florida boy, Miami born and raised. His father was a policeman there and both his folks were very well liked in the community. I knew them and knew also that George came from fine parents.
When I met him he was living in Orlando. I was new in the neighborhood and didn't know anyone. I was about to leave for work one morning and my car wouldn't start. I was turned down or ignored by everyone I asked except this one guy with big, bushy hair. He lived right across the street but his two large, white German Shepards had me thinkin' twice about approaching the house. He came out with a cup of coffee and was about to leave for work himself , looked across the street and asked if I needed any help. I liked him right away. We both had wives. We both had two sons, all about the same age. And we both had our own business. His was a company called The Jungle Box. He had developed and was making planter boxes from Cypress, with tropical plants in them. (I still have one). They came in 3 sizes, from miniatures about 6 inches long to large ones about a foot and a half long. He'd build and load a bunch in his van and hit the road. I eventually closed my shop and went to work with him. I'd make the boxes, he'd plant 'em and we'd take off. He'd pull into an office building parking lot about lunch time, open the side doors so people could see the planters and we'd sell everything in the truck in a blink. That left us lots of time to pursue our real passion, music. But that's different story....
That first morning when we met the conversation shifted to music. I told him I had just met some other players but we needed a bassist. It so happened that GB played the bass so I took him to the next session we had and he fit in like a hand in a glove. We played a few tunes together, took a little break and came up with the name "Lightnin' Alley".
JoeGB    Seven Dave   Dale  Daryl
We were a "Guitar Army", 4 guitarist, bass and drums. The music we played was mostly our own. Joe, George, Daryl and I all wrote songs and they fit together very well. I have a few studio cuts and some live tracks, but this band never put out an album. (They hadn't invented CDs yet). GB came to the rescue right away when we moved rehearsal from Daryl's small, dirt-floor basement to George's wood shop where this 1978 photo was taken. The band went through a couple of changes. Dale and Daryl left the group to be replaced by Bobby Saxon. I suffered a severly shattered arm which promoted me to lead singer as I couldn't play guitar for quite a while. We were now a 5-piece band and on the move. We played clubs for a steady income but it was obvious we were a concert band and went on to prove it. In early '79 we performed at "Eddie Grahm Sport Stadium" in Orlando, to about a thousand people, as part of a huge Band-fest. In October of that same year we were headliners at a concert put on at "Dinner Key Auditorium" in Coconut Grove, Fl. to about 7,000. We came back to Orlando and opened a new venue which went on to host performances by the likes of Pat Benatar, Rick Darringer, etc. But a new wind was about to blow.....
In late 1979 the band made 2 major moves. The first was to replace me in the group with a female lead singer (I don't recall her name right now). The second was to relocate the show to Miami. Within a year the band fragmented and members began to drift back to Orlando. The first was the drummer, Dave, and he immediately gravitated to my new band. GB came along next and that's all I needed. My arm had healed and I was back playing guitar so in 1981 we headed into the studio to record our first project together: "Heads"
   Seven  OZ    Dave              GB
We put down 3 songs during that session, one of which GB and I wrote together. Keep in mind, all the music I've talked about, from the "Woodshop" days and beyond, I have and can make CD copies of. Contact me at: bootheelprod@aol.com

Anyhow, shortly after that I got the chance to join a national touring act and went for it. GB and I stayed in touch all the time and whenever I was home we'd get together and write a song or two. I came off the road in 1989 and he was hot at work with his new band Neeto Lane. I went on to co-produce and perform with Jaycius The Band . All that lasted until about 1995. After that, my new wife, Lil Laura, me and GB teamed up for the first incarnation of Little Laura's Love Band. Now we were gonna get some work done...
Steve GB          Lil Laura       Bert       Seven
"Little Laura's Love Band"
The band never did settle down to a regular line-up. Drummers and guitar players came and went. Some we missed, others we didn't. In 1998 we went back to the recording studio and laid down a rockin' 4-song CD. But now it was just Lil Laura, Seven and GB with drums and guitar added by producer and good friend, David Mikeal of The Differnce Studio in Winter Park, Florida.
This was the 2nd album by the band but the first one with George so we named it after him. With Laura's new Firebird behind them it seemed to fit. The CD went International, along with an acoustic CD by "Laura & Seven". In 1998 Laura and I went  first to London and then Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Things were set up ahead of time. Over-seas phone calls were made, meetings were arranged, industry people over there were interested. Sort of. The meeting was at the Hard Rock Cafe in London, over lunch. But at the time their big sellers were either "Head-bangers" or Disco (yikes). Off we went to Holland. Wow, what  a difference!. The hot concert there was Deep Purple, and that was in '98, things were lookin' good here. Though the music didn't get picked up you can still hear the CDs played in a couple of the "Cafes" in Amsterdam.